1. Harvest Z by Salty Beards

    The Final installment of the Harvest Series. Shot from Sep 20th - Oct 6th.

    "The last few weeks of summer were pretty dismal around our area. Finding waves was comparable to finding a straight guy in a gay bar. Luckily for us we had our first northerly push from the great Gulf of Alaska while the remnants of a south swell were rubbing against the california coastline. Having both north and south swells in the water together allows people that live in our area to actually enjoy a day at the beach. When the swells reached our coastline it was everything but what we expected. 2-3 foot waves and too much hype around the swell once again. Thank you great pacific for once again letting me down. Maybe one day I will be graced by the presence of a wave over head high."


    (Source: vimeo.com)

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